Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Twin Sister is already a Cabin Crew!

A few hours ago, I just found out that today is the last day of my "twin sister" in the office since she is joining Cebu Pacific as a cabin crew. My co-workers in my part-time job call her as my twin sister. According to them,  we both have Lucy-like (Lucy Torres) physical attributes and they call me little L2 and they call her L1, ; ).

We're not friends though since she's from a different team and her station is like 10 rows away from me. However, we smile at each other every time we meet in the pantry, hallway or elevator. One time, her teammate mistake me for her in the elevator. We also dress the same way and we both have this trademark of always wearing nude and flat sandals, ; ).

Even though I didn't have the chance to speak to her, I hope she does well with her new job. And I'm still hoping I'll follow her soon and get the chance to talk to her. This time around, it would be in the airport in our uniforms, ; ).

And I would like to congratulate my good friend Grace for making it to the final interview of Air Philippines. I will be talking about it soon in a separate post. Grace, it's your time to shine!


  1. Please extend my congratulations to Grace! It's a dream come true for her.

  2. indeed ruth,=). we will also in His time

  3. hi sis!may I ask how you applied to Air Phil? Thanks!:) i like your entries!:)

  4. @sojournerslife, their HR texted a fellow aspirant and she forwarded the SMS to me. They found her CV in PAL's old files. ;)