Sunday, January 24, 2010

QR CEBU OD- January 24, 1010

I've never been to a Manila OD so I can't really compare it to the Cebu OD. But as mentioned in forums and other blogs, there were no long lines and waiting outside the scorching heat of the sun yesterday in Marriott Hotel.

There were 3 recruiters, 2 of them were females and the other one was male. Judging from their looks, I think the 2 female recruiters were Singaporean and European, while the male recruiter is also more of the European side.

I assumed the male recruiter was a trainee since he was taking notes while the 2 female recruiters were asking questions during the OD. However, he was given the chance to do the asking himself a few CV handouts later and I was one of those aspirants who submitted my resume to him.

Here are his questions:

How are you?
Do you have cabin crew experience? 
Is this your first time to apply for a cabin crew position? 
How old are you?

I wish I can write about how the group dynamics went and how wonderful my final interview was with the recruiters.

However, nothing happened.
For the second time around, I didn't receive a call right after I handed my resume.

Maybe it means LATER.
Or maybe its a NO.

In times like these, I get to ask myself why I'm still trying to reach for a dream that's so elusive yet almost there at the same time.

I know I have the right to claim it because a lot of people tell me that I should be a cabin crew and setting modesty aside, I do turn heads when I'm around. This may be just the superficial side but appearance is one of the criteria that recruiters are looking for, right?

Maybe it's the confidence, the way I walk or the way I smiled. Or the attitude. Or the tiniest details that a normal eye don't see.

Maybe they just don't like me at all.

Whatever it is, I will keep trying. That's why I'm here. ^_^

Sunday, January 10, 2010

On Being A Pseudo Travel Writer

Since August last year, I've been doing online freelance writing work. I used to specialize in health care articles because of my medical background but it was not until last October that a client requested me to write travel articles.

Writing the travel articles strengthens my will to pursue my cabin crew dream. I write about the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the moai carvings in Easter Island and the list goes on. Just this week, I was writing about the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and the top Asian cities to visit.

In writing these travel guides, I need to sound like I have been there and have personally experienced all the tourist attractions I have listed in a particular destination.

All I can do now is sigh and daydream after I proofread my articles.

I will continue praying that one day, I'll write a travel article that I can really call genuine and have written because I set foot on the city, snorkeled in the island's beaches and tasted the local delicacy.

And I know that One Day is coming soon. One step at a time.