Saturday, April 17, 2010

Defying Gravity!

I superlove this song performed by Kurt and Rachel of Glee. I think it's a Keith Urban original. Enjoy everyone, ; ).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Air Philippines Cabin Crew Screening (Part 2)

My last blog post about Air Philippines talked about my initial screening with them around the third week of March. After more than a month of waiting for them to call back, they texted me about this HR exam. Grace also received the same SMS and we were pretty much excited. The said exam was postponed for a couple of days and postponed again for the third time.

After 2 postponed exam dates, we finally had our exam around third week of March. I was not able to do a complete head count but we were more than 10 but less than 15; a third of the group were boys.

I met 2 lovely ladies; I'm not sure if they want their names posted here but let's just call them The lovely Js, ; ) These ladies are already waiting for their golden email from Emirates since they just had their final interview with the recruitment officers after the March 20 Assessment here in Cebu City. I was actually happy for them because I can really feel that they've been reaching for the same dream for a while since they have attended several cabin crew screenings (local and international) as well.

The HR exam was your usual IQ, spatial, math and vocabulary exam. There was also a sort of psychometric test after the main exam. It took us around 2 hours to complete it. After the exam, Mr. D then informed us that we will receive an SMS the next day if we aced it.

The next day was Saturday and no SMS came. I asked Grace and the other aspirants through SMS if they already received one. None of us have received it yet so we concluded that maybe, they haven't actually sent the "pass or fail SMS" that day yet.

Monday came and they texted me that I passed the exam and should be ready for the final interview with the assistant to the SEO within the week. The others also received the same SMS but one of the lovely Js didn't. According to her, she received the "you failed the exam" message. Unbelievable, huh? However, according to her, the Air Philippines exam was a little bit difficult than Emirates'. Anyway, I consoled her that there's no need for her to fret since she's already on her way to Dubai! ; )

On the day of the final interview, I found out that there were 2 aspirants missing, the Lovely J1 and another hotelier. I was called third for the interview. And here were the questions thrown on yours truly:

Tell me about yourself.
Why should we hire you?
What do you think are the responsibilities of a flight attendant?

I was instructed to stand up and the assistant to the SEO inspected my elbows and legs, just like in the initial screening. Mr. D was also there listening and taking down notes.

After everyone was interviewed, Mr. D called us and instructed us to form a huddle. He mentioned some last names (mine was not included) and told us that those called should stay for further instruction. Those who were not called are not to continue with the process anymore. Grace and Lovely J2 made it! There were 3 of us that were sent home. The other 2 told me that they were requested to speak in Tagalog and they had a hard time with it. Grace told me that they were already instructed to have their medicals.

While contemplating on where I went wrong, I have to admit that I was not satisfied with my answers. I was also not physically at my best due to lack of sleep the night before because Morpheus, the Dream King decided not to let me sleep. Okay, enough babbling now. These excuses may sound lame but I need to rewind the scenes again so I'd know why they didn't hire me.

On a lighter note, I heard from the grapevine (of course PEX) that Air Atlanta had their cabin crew screening last month here in the city at the Waterfront Hotel. However, I know of no one who was able to go there and experienced it first hand. Too bad, I was not able to get hold of information about it. If I had, I would have been there, ; ).