Monday, March 15, 2010

Brewed Musings

Last night, I had one of my boyf's pep talks in relation to me not getting an email from IPAMS for that Emirates prescreening.

Over cup of coffee, he enumerated things that he thinks I should improve on. I went home last night a little bit hyper (maybe it's the coffee) and ended up staying awake the whole night so I decided to do some freelance work instead.

Thanks to the boyf for the enlightenment and to those fellow Cebuanos who got the email, I really hope you get in because I know how it feels to want it so much and not a day passes without you thinking of that dream.

And I heard there's another QR OD this April in the city. Isn't it great? But as what the boyf told me last night, chance favors the prepared,  ; ).

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